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My balancing act – a parenting personality with a professional personality

I must kick off my return from extended maternity leave with a gushing mommy post, I just can’t help myself

I’m now the mom of two boys, one is three and a half, the other is just over five months old. They are truly brothers – the little one follows the big one around with only his eyes right now but as soon as that baby is mobile I think I will know where to find him every waking minute, right at his brother’s side. Fortunately, his older brother is still very tolerant and loving. In fact, about two weeks ago I came around the corner from the kitchen to see big bro leaning over little bro with a grin and he said, “Mommy, I licked his tongue!” Ewww, I thought, and replied “Ewww!” But, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, that kid is a licker. When he was two, he licked a climb-on-cow-jumped-over-the-moon statue from horns to tail at our local shopping mall. Oh, the joys of kids.

Over the past couple years since becoming a parent myself, I’ve enjoyed lots of blogs in the loosely-based category of parenting. While on leave, I also greatly enjoyed the book, It’s A Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons. It’s a collection of essays so it’s easily read in those few spare moments of time you have while caring for a new baby. Blogs entries are similar to essay collections because they can be read in small parts as you have time.

  • (language warning)
    Dooce is a great writer with a touching often poignant monthly newsletter to her daughter, who is about four months older than my oldest son. It’s fun to read and always makes me laugh.
  • Dotmoms
    This site collects essays from several moms from all walks of life and gives me good perspective on parenting older children, situational parenting, and so on.
  • Babygadget
    This site has just plain cool baby stuff, both decorative and functional, and I love to browse it.
  • Bloggingbaby
    I’ve watched this site change over the past few years and I’ve appreciated some of their writers, especially a series of interviews with working and non-working moms. I often forward items from this site to my mom friends to get their “take” on whatever issue they’re discussion. Although it does slip into celeb baby gossip, I still read it on occasion.
  • Mimi Smartypants (language warning)
    This mom writer is another just plain funny person with a sometimes bizarre and wonderful outlook on life. Her daughter is probably a year older than my eldest so it’s fun to see what’s potentially next for me.
  • The Baby Name Wizard Blog
    This author wrote the hands-down best baby naming book ever, The Baby Name Wizard. It’s the only baby name book with sibling name suggestions that she culled from a database algorithm of baby names. And it is amazing how some names really do group well together. I don’t plan on having more kids but if I did I’d be consulting this book again.
  • DaddyTypes
    This blog has many writers, all dads, with an often hilarious and sometimes foreign-to-me approach to parenting. Definitely has a NYC bent to it but I enjoy it.

Unlike these parenting-themed blogs, with my TalkBMC blog, I try to hit the balance of professional but with just a touch of personality. So thanks for indulging more of the personality than professional with this post. I won’t try to tie today’s theme into information technology, business service management, or information design, but I do want to say it’s great to be back blogging regularly again.


Thanks to all my guest bloggers

A note of appreciation for the guest entries on my blog

I’m back from my extended maternity leave now, and I have to send out a huge note of thanks to all my guest bloggers. Their names and links are listed here, so maybe when you Google their name, they’ll have a blog entry on that first page of listings! Hm. Well, Kelly Holcomb happens to share her name with a famous NFL football player, and Bill Hunter shares his name with an Australian movie actor, so maybe it won’t work for all of them. But I appreciate the contributions and want to recognize them as publicly as I know how. Thanks, all.

I’m excited to start blogging again and have a few posts in the queue, so thanks for sticking with my blog. The guest entries have been fun to read for me, too! I really appreciate it.