First work week round up

My employer, ASI, gives employees three hours a month to use to do volunteer work of your choice, and I’m busy thinking up ways to use that time. After Hurricane Katrina, I spent a half day at the Capitol Area Food Bank, using some hours that BMC gave to employees to spend their time helping Katrina evacuees. In a half day, four of us processed 8,400 pounds of food which can make 6,720 meals. So I might try to do that work again. It was interesting and I learned a lot. I’d also like helping out kids or parents, so I may investigate areas where the local school districts use volunteers. I also like that our local NPR station,, has a Get involved page.

Working at a company that enables non-profits has really made me want to learn about our users and how non-profits work. I found this game online called Karma Tycoon, where you run your own non-profit. It looks like it’s sponsered by Chase. Also interesting reading lately has been about non-profits in Second Life. I haven’t tried Second Life yet, mostly due to lack of time (I’d rather be blogging).

So if you’re knowledgeable about non-profits, membership management, church organizations, and so forth, let me know of websites and books that you find useful. And if you have good ideas for three hours a month of time spent volunteering near Austin, TX, let me know. I’ll keep you posted on my efforts.


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    Hi Anne,

    Did you know that subscriptions to your talk.bmc blog are (for now) sending the feed to your justwriteclick blog?

    – Michele

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    Hi Michele,
    Yep, and thanks for reminding me to let people know what’s going on with the feeds. Check out my next post, Technical details of feed and blog set up, for all the details.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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