DocTrain West 2008 – RJ Jacquez, Bringing the Video Revolution to Technical Communication

For the first time in history, there are four generations in the workplace. Adobe is working on technologies that bring elearning to the newest working generation. Adobe is hosting a virtual tradeshow in Second Life tomorrow, May 8. I can’t find a link for more information, but his slide showed it would be staffed from 9am PST to 4 pm PST. They want to welcome the new generation and meet their expectations.

RJ showed embedding video into PDFs – plus showing the 3D animations of a brake disassembly imbedded in a PDF file, very cool demonstration. It drew a round of applause, even. I really appreciate that there was no additional plugin to download – it just works.

Also demonstrated Adobe AIR applications. There is a list of AIR applications at, and come to find out, Twhirl is an Adobe AIR application that lets you post from multiple Twitter accounts – a use case that my coworker and I were discussing just last week. What if you wanted different Twitter accounts to follow different groups of people? For example, I could have an ASI Twitter account and only follow ASIers, an OLPC Twitter account that tracks OLPC happenings, and so on. I did finally come to the conclusion that I don’t necessarily need to compartmentalize all of my online activities, I guess – the more of “ourselves” we put online, the bigger the overall picture that people can get of me. Just like smalltalk in the office, Twitter can be the smalltalk/water cooler area for “web worker” employees. Twitter is useful for conferences, also, and we’ve started a #doctrainwest tweme that you can view on the web.

Another tidbit from RJ’s talk is that Youtube dominates Internet video more than Google dominates Internet search.

More posts to come from DocTrain West, so stay tuned.

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