A summer experiment with Google AdWords

This summer I had fun writing an article about writing AdWords ads – and seeing if I could use the AdWords network to sell my presentation audio and slide deck, A Technical Writer’s Role in Web 2.0: Wiki-fy Your Doc Set.

The article is availabe on TheContentWrangler.com site – Managing Small Content:Counting Characters. Here’s an excerpt:

As part of a summer experiment, I decided to find or create an information product that I could then sell using a Google AdWords campaign. Mind you, I have no prior sales or marketing experience, and I’m sure it shows! But in an age when one can experiment for less money than the cost of a few business lunches, I thought I’d see what I could set up. I’ll share my findings with you, and I’d love to hear your feedback on this approach.

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    I have been using Adwords for the last 2 years and I can only say that it increased my online sales by about 20%. The pay per click cost of Adwords is even cheaper than Adbrite. I love Adwords.

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