Digital diets and media consumption

Light posting for me at the Duo Consulting blog over the last few months, but I did want to share these two.

Will You Go on a Digital Diet in 2009?

Ah, 2009, a new year and a new start, including resolutions to improve oneself. Let me guess, you want to save or make more money, lose weight or increase fitness, or manage your time more effectively. You and the rest of us! Let’s talk not about food consumption, instead, let’s talk about your media consumption. And while we’re at it, let’s recognize that we’re all offering media. According to the 2008 Media Report from Future Exploration, everyone’s a media mogul. Especially interesting to me is user-generated content. Participatory media is resulting in a nearly infinite supply of content, although the increased fragmentation of attention is certainly an implication as the report points out. They also think that Pro-Am (professional-amateur) content models will emerge, a model in which I’m very interested. Read more…

Some Eyeballs and Eardrums Are Worth More Than Others

While watching Top Gear on BBC America, I shop for an “I AM THE STIG” t-shirt on the BBC America website as a gift for my husband. While reading Real Simple magazine, I watch Clean House on the Style channel and plan a trip to The Container Store for more storage bins for toys and clothes for my kids. It’s a wonder I can pay attention to all of these messages, yet I am making decisions based on my media consumption. Read more…

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    I keep saying Im going to go on a digital diet: No more facebook, less twitter, and no more myspace. However, I get weak and indulge.

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