What FLOSS Manuals did at Winter Camp

My summary view is that we activated and energized our network, borrowing those terms from Zita Joyce, my outreach co-worker for the week whom I quizzed endlessly about what it’s like to live in Amsterdam. It was a productive and exciting week for a fledgling non-profit like FLOSS Manuals. We have a pile of work ahead of us, but by distributing the work to teams we have created efficiencies and people have chosen their areas of interest and abilities. Check out this diagram showing the work from the week.

Floss Diagram

View more documents from r00s.

There’s also a great video depicting “A day in the life of FLOSS manuals…”

“Roll Up! Roll Up! for the greatest show on earth. That’s right never before have you had such unlimited access to a distributed network
meeting in real life. This time we know it’s for real. This is pure gold for network academics the world over.” I’m just rebroadcasting from Mick Chesterman, an amazing activist and video pro with whom I asked about everything from screencasting to quilt blogs.Yet those two bits of media best barely describe my amazing week in Amsterdam. So I offer my photos from a couple of sightseeing tours as well.

And now, I’d better get to work on the Firefox Book Sprint! We have fourteen remote collaborators and starting in earnest tomorrow. If you’re in the Austin area, join me at Flightpath at Duval and 51st from 5:00-7:00 tomorrow and Wednesday (3/17 and 3/18). You’ll find me as the writer with the FLOSS Manuals sticker on my laptop.


  • Harjot Dhodi
    March 17, 2009 - 10:00 am | Permalink

    Great Video! this video will certainly help remote writers to know about FLOSS manuals. I liked it!

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