My Book Release Party rocked!

I had such a great time at the book release party for Conversation and Community. I know I’m overdue in posting, but wanted to write something up about it. It was fun!

Party planning was fun too. To set the conversation scene, I brought these Table Topics games – the original edition and the book club edition. The cards have questions like, “what did you get into trouble for the most when you were young?” or “what alternative title would you give this book?” These were a lot of fun.

To represent “community” I brought in nearly all of my sons’ Lego figs on square Lego boards as table toppers. They were great fun! I learned later that some of the Star Wars figs are now priced at $10-12 each so some of those centerpieces were in the same range as floral arrangements, ha!

Games and LegosWe had so many people stop by and we filled the room pretty quickly. Often it felt like a reunion of the people in the book and all the writers with whom I have worked which is great fun! My parents came to the party from Dallas, then traded places with my husband so he could attend for a while too. Here’s a picture of me and my awesome husband at the party.
Anne and Paul

I signed books like crazy. I sold out of the box of books and my dad had to dig into my small stash in my car to meet demand. (Thanks Dad!) I also set aside books for people who had asked for signed copies and it’s a good thing I did!

The photographer of the Danish keyboard on the book cover, Jude Theriot, drove up from Houston and brought a signed, matted print of the photo as a gift! It was such a lovely gesture.

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    Hallo Anne
    It sounds like such a great party! Well done you, and thanks for the photographs. You look lovely 🙂

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