Content strategy – so much to learn

I just ordered Kristina Halvorson’s (@halvorson on Twitter) book, Content Strategy for the Web after viewing “10 things every business person needs to know about content strategy” presentation (by Melissa Rach). Powerful stuff!10 things every business person should know about content strategy

View more presentations from mrsruble.

Reminds me that I need to get cracking on a presentation to supplement my book. I’ll finish up this blog post for now. 🙂

I learned a lot just by clicking through this slide deck so I am anticipating a good education from the book as well.

Content strategists seem to have interesting conversations around the #contentstrategy Twitter hashtags. I learned that PBS has a Chief Content Officer and apparently so does NPR.

I enjoyed the post with notes about content strategy on I’d Rather Be Writing, Three Questions To Start Thinking Like a Content Strategist. The link list at the end is very valuable. Another fascinating set of links for learning is on this Friday content strategy: installment 3 post. It has this excellent warning right up front: Caution: reading the following may make you passionate about content strategy and knowledgeable about recent content news.

So, consider yourself warned. Starting to read this post and clicking through to all the links may lead you through a most fascinating journey to learn more about content strategy.


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    Hi there, Anne… Just heard about this post, and I wanted to let you know that this was not Kristina’s presentation… it was mine. But, glad you liked it regardless. Nice blog.

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    Oh, gosh, I’m sorry. Corrected in the post! Thanks for pointing it out.

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