Monthly Archives: October 2010

Booki in the running for a Drumbeat Award

Adam Hyde, founder of FLOSS Manuals, the community documentation group that makes open docs for open source, just announced some exciting news on the FLOSS Manuals Discuss list.

…we got booki into the Drumbeat
Open Web Award…ok. Thats great news! Well, now we need to get votes
since there are 3 projects we stand a very good chance to win the 5000
cash (which we will use for a code sprint)

so…if you want to vote go here:
Open Web Publishing

Register and vote!

This is exciting news! Registration and voting was a bit wonky when we first sent people to the site but I think it’s all worked out now and we have a great shot at this. Please help out if you are so inclined.

The timing of this announcement seems well-aligned – just yesterday I wore the “Adopt Mozilla” t-shirt that I received for donating to the Open Web fund.

So, whether you support a baby Mozilla or a baby Booki, let’s keep the web open and support open documentation and publishing while we’re at it. Read more about Booki at the Booki blog.