PyLadies Austin OpenStack Presentation

The lovely and talented Barbara Shaurette invited me to speak to the PyLadies Austin chapter last night and I readily accepted! I was quite nervous as I had not one but two demos to run, one of which involved running actual Python code. I took Ed Leafe’s Pyrax tutorial and got it running with my Rackspace Cloud credentials, and poof, I can spin up cloud servers with Python!

Here’s the presentation, OpenStack How To – PyLadies ATX, with step-by-step how-to instructions for using OpenStack and making OpenStack. Feel free to point out any corrections and ask any questions here or on SlideShare. I want to keep improving my demos and presentations.

All the attendees got a card worth $100 credit towards Rackspace Cloud goodness, so I hope they use their newfound cloud power with gusto. Thanks Barbara and PyLadies Austin!

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